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 Application for the

Miss Coffee County Pageant


__Baby Miss, ages 0-11 Months                 __ Junior Miss, ages 10 -12          

__ Teeny Miss, ages 12-23 months            __ Teen Miss, ages 13-16

__Tiny Miss, ages 2-3                                __ Miss, ages 17-23

__Little Miss, ages 4-6                      

__Petite Miss, ages 7-9                    






___ Baby Miss, ages 0-11 months                  Beauty  $60.00

___ Teeny Miss, ages 12-23 Months               Prettiest Eyes $15.00

___ Tiny Miss, ages 2-3                                     Prettiest Dress $15.00

___ Little Miss, ages 4-6                                    Prettiest Smile $15.00

___ Petite Miss, ages 7-9                       Photogenic $15.00 ad $5.00

___ Junior Miss, ages 10-12  

___ Teen Miss, ages 13-16                        Total________                  

___ Miss, ages 17-23              If received by January 3rd enter

                                                                       all for 100.00





Birth date:__________________________ Age:______________




Email Address:______________________________________________




Home Phone:________________ Cell Phone_______________

Referred by_______________________________

Contestants must have never been married or convicted of a crime. Contestant and their family and friends agree that the judges decisions are final and not to hold the director and the pageant facility responsible for any injuries, theft or loss before, during or after the pageant No refunds unless the pageant is canceled. There will be a 40.00 return check fee.

_________________________                 _______

Contestant’s Name                                                                    Date


_______________________________                    __________

Parent/Guardian Name                                                              Date

Miss Coffee County Pageant

                                                Ladonna Wilson

5739 Antioch church rd Willacoochee, Ga 31650

Phone: (912) 534-5509. Email:

Welcome to the Miss Coffee County Pageant Website