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Our beautiful Queens
2008 Pageant Pictures

Application for the Miss Coffee County Pageant

January 7th, 2006

__Baby Miss, ages 0-11 Months

__Teeny Miss, ages 12-23 Months 

__Tiny Miss, ages 2-3 __ Junior Miss, ages 10 -12

__Little Miss, ages 4-6 __ Teen Miss, ages 13-16

__Petite Miss, ages 7-9 __ Miss,ages 17-23 



Emcee Form

**Please type or print neatly will be used for Emceeing the Pageant***   

Name:                                                                                         Age__________________


Sponsored by:_____________________________________________________

She enjoys:_______________________________________________________

Her ambition is: _____________________________________________________




Miss Coffee County Pageant

The Most Important Rules:

1. Contestant must have fun at all times.

2. Mom’s must be stress free and also have fun at all times.

3. Dad’s must have fun at all times.

4. Contestants must never been married, pregnant, or convicted of a crime.

5. Contestants and Contestants Parent’s agree that the judges decision are final.

6. Anyone acting in a disorderly manner or displaying conduct relating to poor sportsmanship will be disqualified without a refund. No refunds will be issued unless the pageant is cancelled.

7. If a problem should occur at any time during the pageant or prior to the pageant, please go directly to the director. If I can assist you in any way please contact me at or 912-534-5509.

8. Contestants and parents/guardians of contestants agree to hold harmless the pageant directors and the Martin Centre Theater from damages incurred through loss, theft, or injury caused by or during her participation in the pageant or related activities. Her title can be forfeited if she is not in compliance with the rules and regulations of the pageant. I hereby acknowledge that I have read the official rules and regulations of the Miss Coffee County Pageant and that I will comply with them in every way, and that the personal data that I have submitted is true and correct. Please sign below.

__________________________________ _______

Contestant’s Name Date

_________________________________________ __________

Parent/Guardian Name Date




___ Baby Miss, ages 0-11 months

___Teeny Miss, ages 12-23 months           Beauty (Mandatory) $60.00

___ Tiny Miss, ages 2-3                               Prettiest Dress $15.00

___ Little Miss, ages 4-6                               Prettiest Smile $15.00

___ Petite Miss, ages 7-9                              Prettiest Eyess $15.00

___ Junior Miss, ages 10-12                      __Photogenic $15.00

 ___ Teen Miss, ages 13-16           Total___________

___ Miss, ages 17-23




Birthdate:__________________________ Age:______________


Email Address:________________________________________________


Home Phone:________________ Cell Phone_______________


Miss Coffee County Pageant

                                                           Ladonna Wilson

5739 Antioch church rd Willacoochee, Ga 31650  (Mora area)

Phone: (912) 534-5509 .